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The Only Way To Truly Remove Clutter From Your Life

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It is an inescapable part of modern life and one that everyone dreads: accumulating so many things that your house begins to get cluttered. This accumulation comes from a good place; after all, you don't want to be throwing away everything you don't use within a week. However, when your home begins to resemble that of a hoarder, you will come to the realisation that you have to do something about this and quickly. Luckily there is a very quick and easy solution for you that does not require you to throw out anything you do not want to.

Get It Out Of The House And Into Storage

Perhaps you miss knowing what your couches look like under all that clutter, or maybe you simply cannot find anything you need in the piles stacking up everywhere. Whatever the reason, it is time to get it out of your home and into a self-storage unit. As a general rule of thumb, when organising what to put into storage, you should seriously consider storing anything you haven't used within 3 months. Some people shorten this time frame, but the idea remains the same: if you haven't wanted it recently, you most likely won't need it in the short-term future, so you can store it. Also, remember not to put any perishable items into storage.

Choosing The Right Storage Facility

There are a myriad of different affordable options for self-storage across Australia and most come with a similar base level of facilities: 24/7 security cameras, temperature control and individual access are some of the services you might expect. After that, you should look at the features you really value and what you can do without. Do you need someone to help you transport your items or can you do it by yourself? How much floor space do you need? How long of a lease are you prepared to take out initially? These are all things you should consider when making your decision. Always compare the options available and make a list of pros and cons so that you can holistically analyse them.

Store Your Items Correctly

When storing your items, don't just dump them all in a big heap once you open your storage unit. Instead, do it methodically so that when you need something, you know exactly where it is. It helps to have a rack to put clothes on or a filing space for documents and files. Always remember to store your big-ticket items, such as furniture or big electronics, toward the back so they are not in your way. It also helps to keep an inventory of items in your storage unit so you can check for something without having to constantly sift through all your items.

For more information, contact a storage facility near you.