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How to remain organised when your storage unit is far from home

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Self storage units come in handy for storing items that can't fit in your home. They're also useful for keeping any belongings that you won't require on a daily basis. If the nearest storage facility is far from your home, it can seem challenging to remain organised. Indeed, forgetting to grab something can cause you to spend hours on the road as you drive back to the unit.

There are simple tips you can use to remain as organised as possible if your storage unit is far away.

1. Know when operating hours are

The first thing you should do is to find out when the storage facility opens and closes. Knowing the hours of operation will help you plan for each visit in advance. Make sure you leave home early enough so you can have adequate time to go through the storage unit.

It also helps to arrange for how often you'll be visiting the unit. Rather than leaving your items unattended for long periods, frequent visits will help you identify what you need to keep and what you can actually get rid of.

2. Have your items properly organised

If your storage unit is far from home, you may easily end up neglecting it. This means that the unit may become a disorganised mess (with items randomly stuffed inside the unit). Stuffing the unit can also result in damaged furniture, appliances, and other personal items. The best way to remain organised is to arrange your items properly. Dedicate a few days to thoroughly arrange the storage unit afresh. Make sure you only keep what you really need.

3. Prepare a budget

Frequent trips to your storage unit can easily add up (cost wise). If you have important items in storage, make a budget for visiting the unit. Budget for fuel costs, travel times, wear and tear on your vehicle, etc. With a proper budget, you won't have to stress about not having enough money to visit the unit when you need something urgently.

4. Make sure your items are insured

Lastly, insurance coverage is important for your items. If you store valuable furniture, electronic devices, or appliances in the unit, make sure you obtain the necessary insurance coverage. Insurance will protect your items against theft, breakage or water damage. And because the unit is not close to your home, you may end up finding out about damages after some time has passed.