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Preparing to move your furniture into storage

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Preparing to put your furniture into storage can seem like a daunting task, but with the right planning it doesn't have to be too much trouble. Remembering a few simple principles can help take some of the worry out of moving

Record connections

Before you move larger pieces of furniture like beds, tables, or bookcases, you'll want to take them apart. This can cause problems when you're putting them back together and don't remember how they fit. To avoid this problem, take photographs of the pieces assembled, including detailed images of complex assemblies. You can do the same thing for cable connections at the back of electronic devices. Keep the photos on your phone or computer to use when you reassemble your furniture. 

Label parts

Once you've taken your furniture apart, label parts wherever possible. This can be as simple as a coloured sticker on every part of the same piece of furniture or could extend to a detailed label. Keep any screws or other small parts in a resealable plastic bag; if it won't harm the finish of the furniture, tape the bag to one of the pieces so that the small parts don't get lost. 

Pack furniture securely

To avoid scratching or damaging your furniture, wrap it in a soft packing material. Your removals firm may be able to provide furniture pads and blankets; alternatively, you can simply use old bedding. Tie or tape the wrapping securely so that it doesn't come loose. This will help protect your items from scratches, fading and dust both in transport and while in storage. 

Keep tools nearby

Some pieces of furniture -- such as bookcases -- can be quite handy to have assembled while in storage. You can use the shelves to store and organise boxes and make more efficient use of your storage locker. If you're going to do this, you'll want to keep a simple toolkit to hand during your move, including screwdrivers as well as a hammer and other useful items such as a tape measure. Keep this in a small toolbox near the entrance to your storage unit. 

Whether you move your own furniture into storage or have a removals firm handle the task, proper preparation will make the job of storing and reassembling your items much easier. Spending a little time before the move will save you lots not only on moving day but afterward as well.