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5 Tips for Storing Sports Equipment

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Have you planning to buy or rent a storage container for your sports equipment? Read on and learn some helpful tips that will enable you to benefit fully from that storage unit.

Clean the Equipment

You should never place sports equipment in storage without cleaning it first. This is because any dirt or organic matter on that equipment may attract microorganisms to breed on your equipment. That biological matter can easily degrade your equipment if you take long without retrieving that equipment from the storage container. It is therefore very important for you to clean the padding, shoes and sports uniforms prior to storage.

Avoid Plastic Coverings

Desist from placing any plastic sheeting on your sports equipment, such as elliptical machines. The plastic will trap moisture on your equipment, and the equipment may rust. Instead, find breathable materials, such as cotton sheets, and use them to cover your larger pieces of sports equipment.

Refer to the Manufacturer's Guidelines

Sports equipment manufacturers normally provide guidelines about how the equipment should be stored. For instance, some may recommend that you disassemble your equipment if you are going to store it for a long time. The storage guidelines may also vary depending on what materials the equipment is made from. Read the manual of your equipment carefully and adhere to all those instructions as you put your sports equipment into storage.

Inspect the Equipment

Conduct a visual inspection of your equipment before you store it. That inspection will reveal to you what repairs you need to perform before keeping that equipment. Timely repairs before storing the equipment may preserve the condition of that equipment while it is in storage. For instance, repairing a tear in your sports shoes may protect the delicate inner fabrics from degradation due to heat and moisture.

Arrange the Equipment Carefully

It will be easier for you to retrieve a particular piece of equipment if you place your equipment in different bins designated for different sports. Similarly, seasonal equipment, such as skiing equipment, should be stored based on how soon you will need to use that equipment. For instance, place frequently used equipment closer to the entrance of your storage unit. Keep rotating the arrangement as the need arises.

Your sports equipment is likely to last for several years if you take proper care of it. One big aspect of taking care of that equipment is storing it appropriately. Work with a provider of storage services so that you select a unit that will be enough for you to store and access your equipment easily.