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Sell your house, not your home

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Moving is never easy.  Selling your home isn't easy either.  Packing your possessions, making sure everything is ready to go, and knowing you will be able to find what you need at your new home takes planning.  Planning and packing take time and space, two things that are rarely available day to day let alone when trying to sell your home and move.  Strangers coming through your home is intrusive, but necessary for potential buyers.  The home needs to be presentable at a moments notice, and often you are asked to leave while an agent shows your home to buyers, making planning and packing even more difficult.

A good real estate agent will help you stage your home for the quickest sale possible, but often there are too many things in a house for it to look the best it can.  A home is a personal space, while what you're actually selling is a house, something not personal.  Having too many individual touches can make a house more difficult to sell, as new buyers may have a harder time picturing themselves and their own ideas of home in the space you're living in.

Consider renting a personal storage locker to help ease some of the stress.  Pieces of furniture you want to keep that might make a room look small or crowded can be stored safely while creating a space that is more attractive to buyers.  Items and clothing you don't need for a few weeks can be packed ahead of time at a more leisurely pace, and stored out of the way.  The garage can be cleared out, spare rooms can be left empty or minimally furnished, and if there are walls that need painting you have less you need to work around to freshen up the look of your house.  Individual pieces of artwork you value can be safely packed and stored, while giving your house a more neutral look, allowing potential buyers to see their own possessions there.

A personal storage locker also eases some of the stress of moving.  By minimizing your needed possessions during the sale of your house, you now have the basics of what you need for your new home.  If  you need to paint or make repairs, you'll have the space to do so before bringing everything into your new home.  More time can be taken unpacking, letting you find the perfect place for each thing.  The rates of storage lockers are reasonable, and well worth the added minimal expense.