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Why Your Commercial Business Needs a Cool Room

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When you start up a large retail business, stocking fresh farm produce and other perishables is a good way of maximising your competitive advantage on the market. You must find a way of keeping such products as fresh as possible by keeping them in cold areas where mould cannot grow. Here, you must choose between ordinary stand-alone refrigerators and cool rooms. Standalone refrigerators are good, but they will not help you maximise your storage space. Cool rooms are thus the perfect alternative. Here is a look at the top reasons you should have a cool room in your retail facility:

You Will Save on Space

Certainly, it is important to pay attention to the layout of the items in your retail facility so that you can use the least amount of space to display many items. Opting for stand-alone refrigerators will use up lots of space that you would have otherwise used for something else. This is not the case with cool rooms. A cool room can be built into the retail facility and have multiple shelves where you can store your perishables. This will avail lots of space for other things in the facility.

You Will Have a Reliable Backup

Even though stand-alone refrigerators are capable of reaching and maintaining very low temperatures, they are heavily dependent on electricity. This means that you will run into storage problems whenever there is a power outage. This is not the case with cool rooms. Even though they need electricity, cool rooms rely more on insulation fittings than on electricity. Once the desired temperature has been reached, proper insulation does the rest by keeping the temperatures relatively stable throughout. A cool room is thus a good backup, even for those who must have standalone refrigerators. In case the power goes out for long periods, you can always move the few items from the refrigerator to the cool room.


Unlike ordinary refrigeration units, cool rooms are quite flexible because they can be made in different sizes. Even small cool rooms are still bigger than most refrigerators because they are walk-in storage spaces. They also hold more shelves to maximise the storage space at your disposal. Shelving also makes it easy to locate items when you need to make a quick sale. 

Bulk Storage

Cool rooms allow you to stock items in bulk without worrying about them going bad. Fresh vegetables and fruits such as apples, carrots, kale and cucumbers can all stay in the cool room for a long time.

Contact a company that specialises in cool room installation for additional information.