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Get Your Motocycle Ready for Long-Term Storage

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Putting a motorcycle into storage is a good way to make sure your vehicle stays safe during periods when you won't be using it. Since these machines are relatively easy to steal, they can be a tempting target if they're left out on the street, and they also become liable to various forms of damage.

Some people choose to store their motorcycles during the winter when a car is a much preferable form of transportation. Others might be moving house and not needing the bike for a while, or be unable to ride it for health reasons.

Whatever the reason behind storing a motorcycle, it's important to get it prepped and ready beforehand, so it will come out in great condition, ready to go.

Give it a wash

You'll want your bike to look its best when you get it out of storage again, so giving it a clean is probably high on your agenda. It also makes sure there's no dirt on the bike that might damage the chrome or paintwork if it's left, so be thorough. Dry the motorcycle off properly before you put it away.

Change the oil

Since oil needs to be changed periodically anyway, it's a good idea to do it before the bike goes into storage so it comes out ready to go. Do a full oil change, and check and clean any filters as necessary.

Remove the battery

You don't want to come back to a flat battery, but it's a possibility even when the bike isn't being used at all. Once you've removed the battery, make sure you store it somewhere at a comfortable temperature – preferably in the house somewhere – to avoid it being affected by extremes. This is particularly important during the winter if freezing temperatures are a possibility.


Fill the bike up with fuel so you won't get stuck when you come to get the bike out of storage. It's important to remember to add a fuel stabiliser to the tank, which will keep the fuel in good condition and stop any nasty surprises. The longer you're leaving it, the more chance there is of fuel degrading or becoming thick and gloopy.

Cover up properly

Even though your motorcycle will be stored inside, it can be affected by damp, temperature changes, and dust. Get a waterproof cover that fits neatly over your particular bike, and make sure it's on snugly before you leave it.